Emotizer - Your emotional cloud


Emotizer for Marketing

Adding something new that is not shown by a word's semantic elements; emotion! Emotizer is disrupting the world of Mobile and Social Networking, creating new scenarios and paradigms in the worlds of advertising and communication.

Emotizer opens up new and relevant scenarios in terms of advertising and communication for brands, clubs and events. Stores and clubs can be emotionally tagged, informing their customers that this is a place where people are feeling happy, and a customer can receive coupons and discounts upon entering the store and sharing in the same emotion.

Everything we experience and are touched by creates emotions of every kind, and so everything can be emotionally tagged: a recipe, a trip, a place, a restaurant or a club, a product, a book, a music track, or even a date.

The emotional characterization of content leads to more ethical and effective advertising, no more placing of advertising messages simply according to semantic correspondences, based on keywords in the contents, but on their emotional characterization. And by following the emotional load of the contents, we can build up advertising campaigns tuned to the target's emotional mood, dramatically increasing their influence.

Marketing and market research institutes can also benefit greatly from Emotizer, thanks to the reports made available to companies and press agencies, unlocking the possibility of launching emotional surveys on certain topics, using the whole quality range of emotions of Emotizer, testing in real time the emotions generated by a brand or a product campaign, by a news story or a political event.

For further information, contact us at marketing@emotizer.com