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Hiring NOW in Italy

We're always looking to add talented and enthusiastic members to our team. Interested in joining us? Tell us a little about yourself and your emotions...

Job Location: Milan, Italy
Job Type: Full time

Mobile Developer (ref: MOBdev)

We're looking for great mobile developers for all these mobile platforms:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows Phone


  • experience with at least one of Objective-C/Cocoa/Xcode, Java, or C++/C#
  • a proven track record of high productivity in application, architecture, design, coding, debugging
  • ability to carry out assigned tasks with limited need for supervision
  • excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • enthusiasm

PHP Developer (ref: PHPdev)

For the website and the development and improvement of the Emotizer's API, we need cool programmers.


  • optimal knowledge of PHP4 and PHP5
  • optimal database administration
  • passion for Web 2.0 and mobile applications
  • technical expertise in Ajax, XML, Web 2.0 application frameworks, tools and technologies
  • enthusiasm

Contact us at career@emotizer.com