Emotizer - Your emotional cloud


About Emotizer

Emotizer is the emotional engine that follows you everywhere: on your smartphone, your online apps, and on your social networks. Emotizer is your Emotional Cloud where you can register and nurture your emotions whenever you want, linking them to certain places and moments in your life, allowing you to experience them again and share them with your friends.

Download the Emotizer app for your smartphone and start tagging your emotions. With Emotizer you can find new friends through emotional matching mechanisms, broadening your emotional universe, sharing your feelings with others, discovering and learning about new places, events, and situations which match the mood of your emotional status, or riding the emotional wave of the Emotizer Community.

Each of our emotions is like the beating of a heart, and by sharing them we amplify the beat, to listen to the sound they make when we leave them on the social network of our contacts; where your feelings are echoed in the form of feedback.

The primary user experience of Emotizer is personal and intimate, enhancing introspection to help us explore our internal world of emotions, matching it to the things we feel each day: an entertaining night out at the pub, the excitement of a concert, the curiosity for a newly discovered place, the joy or disappointment for that new product we just bought. Or the thrill of a movie that keeps us spellbound in the darkness of a cinema, the intense pleasure felt for a special dish in a restaurant, the cherished scent of the pages of a book we're reading in the warm comfort of our home, or the chords brought to life by the sound of a song that makes us tremble inside...

For simple usability, the App matches each emotion with colors and sounds, in both a color-coded and musical scale which reflects the flow or our ever-changing emotional condition, preserved in our profile and making up a multi-colored spectrum, a soundtrack tuned into our own inner emotional world.

We're not always able to see who we really are; we do not often find ourselves thinking about the quality and the nature of our emotions, lost in the noise and the attention we give to the things around us which create them. Emotizer focuses our attention back on our inner world, it shows us the emotions we've tagged and opens an intimate and private space where we can reflect on ourselves, understand ourselves better, and observe the landscape of our emotional trends, to even better understand the world we're living and moving in, and to open up a brand new way to make contact with other people in our lives. Emotizer is a personal cloud that speaks to us about us, and we can choose to let it tell others about who we are.